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Pedestrian killed on I-5 on-ramp in Boyle Heights CHP officers responded to a call of a pedestrian stuck and killed by a tractor-trailer on the southbound Interstate 5 Freeway on-ramp at Mission Road in Boyle Heights at 3:53 a.m. Thursday. Dec 1, 2022
Pedestrian killed on 210 Freeway in La Canada Flintridge A Sigalert was issued for three eastbound lanes until at least 8 a.m. for the fatal crash investigation. Marci Gonzalez reports. Sep 13, 2022 00:25
Pedestrian fatally struck by vehicle on I-10 Freeway; Sigalert issued An investigation continued through Tuesday morning after a pedestrian was found dead on the I-10 Freeway after being struck by a vehicle. Aug 2, 2022 00:21
Two lanes open on WB I-210 Freeway after semi-truck jackknifes, spills fuel Sky2 was over the scene of a wreck in the Shadow Hills area, in the westbound lanes of the I-210 Freeway, where a jackknifed big rig spilled an estimated 100 gallons of diesel fuel on the roadway, prompting a sigalert. Two westbound lanes at Wheatland Avenue have been opened with two more to go. Jul 5, 2022 01:00
Jackknifed semi leaks fuel onto WB 210 Freeway, prompts lane closures Sky9 was over Lakeview Terrance where a collision caused a semi-truck to jackknife and leak an estimated 100 gallons of fuel onto the roadway, prompting CHP to issue a sigalert. Jul 5, 2022 01:09
Body found in tent near 60 FWY prompts Sigalert The Sigalert was expected to last for at least an hour after the body was discovered inside of what they believed to be a homeless encampment just off the Soto Street offramp. Jun 24, 2022 00:18
Sigalert issued on 710 Freeway due to fatal crash A single vehicle crashed into a tree off the side of the southbound 710 Freeway in Long Beach, prompting a Sigalert from CHP officers investigating the incident. Jun 23, 2022 00:27
Topanga Canyon Boulevard closed for hours after car collides with power pole California Highway Patrol officers issued a Sigalert in the area as crews continued to repair the damaged power pole. It was not immediately clear when the closure would be lifted. Jun 17, 2022 00:15
Overturned semi truck carrying more than 2,000 pounds of hay prompts hours-long road closure A Sigalert was issued on the Lankershim Boulevard offramp of the northbound 5 Freeway Wednesday morning, after an overturned semi truck left more than 2,000 pounds of hay blocking lanes. Jun 8, 2022 00:26
Truck rollover spills bales of hay on to 710 Freeway in Long Beach The southbound 710 Freeway to Pacific Coast Highway was shut down for hours due to the crash. Amy Johnson reports. May 24, 2022 00:25
Sigalert issued for southbound I-5 in Burbank following multi-vehicle crash Sky9 was over the scene of a multi-vehicle collision that occurred last Sunday evening, which prompted a full closure of the southbound I-5 Freeway in Burbank. May 8, 2022 00:47
405 Freeway traffic snarled by crash in Sherman Oaks At least one pickup truck overturned in the crash that blocked several lanes in the Sepulveda Pass. Chris Holmstrom reports. May 2, 2022 00:24
Big rig overturns on transition road in Cerritos Crews have been working to upright and remove the big rig from the transition road all morning. DeMarco Morgan reports. Apr 13, 2022 00:28
Motorcyclist Dies After Bike Goes Over Side Of SR-241 In Irvine A motorcyclist was killed Sunday when the motorcycle he was riding went off the side of State Route 241 in Irvine. Mar 13, 2022
Woman Killed After Being Struck By Vehicle In Gardena; Roads Closed For Several Hours A vehicle collided with a pedestrian Saturday evening, prompting CHP officials to issue a Sigalert in the area. Mar 12, 2022
Multiple Lanes Of Northbound 110 Freeway Closed After Wrong Way Driver Causes Multi-Vehicle Collision A wrong-way driver caused a multi-vehicle collision on the 101 Freeway, causing a multiple lane closure Sunday evening. Mar 6, 2022
Authorities Identify Woman Killed In Malibu Canyon Road Crash; Six Others Injured One person was killed and six others were injured in a multi-vehicle roll-over collision on Malibu Canyon Road Saturday evening. Both lanes north of the tunnel were closed by CHP officials as a result. Feb 27, 2022
1 Killed, Another In Critical Condition After Solo Crash On 110 Freeway In Elysian Park The crash happened at about 2 a.m. on the northbound 110 Freeway, south of Stadium Way. The driver appeared to lose control of the vehicle, which slammed into a guardrail and a metal post. Feb 25, 2022
One Dead Following Fatal Crash On 710 Freeway In Bell One person was killed in a multi-vehicle crash on the 710 Freeway in Bell on Saturday. Feb 19, 2022
Pedestrian Death Shuts Down 2 Lanes Of Westbound 210 Freeway In Pasadena For Several Hours Two right lanes were closed on the westbound 210 Freeway at the Lake Avenue off-ramp at about 2:35 a.m. due to a death investigation involving a pedestrian, according to the California Highway Patrol and Caltrans. Feb 7, 2022
Multiple Lanes Temporarily Closed On 210 Freeway In Glendora CHP issued a SigAlert Tuesday for the closure of the numbers one, two, three and HOV lanes of the westbound 210 Freeway at Grand Avenue in Glendora. Dec 28, 2021
CHP Issues Northbound 5 Freeway Lane Closure Following Big Rig Crash CHP announced that I-5 North would have a multiple-lane closure for at least an hour following a traffic incident involving a big rig on Monday afternoon. Dec 27, 2021
Fatal Crash On 5 Freeway In Santa Clarita Prompts Sig Alert, Backs Traffic Up For Miles Authorities were called about 6 p.m. to the northbound Golden State Freeway just south of Calgrove Boulevard on reports of a collision between an SUV and a semi truck. Nov 23, 2021
Two Lanes Of 5 Freeway Closed Due To Brush Fire In Santa Clarita The California Highway Patrol issued a Sigalert Saturday closing the number four and five lanes of the southbound 5 Freeway at Calgrove Boulevard in Santa Clarita for an unknown duration, due to a brush fire. Nov 20, 2021
Overturned Big Rig Shuts Down Freeway Lanes In North Hills An overturned big rig shut down freeway lanes in North Hills Saturday morning. Nov 20, 2021
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Sigalert news - Today’s latest updates (2024)


What is the alternative to Sigalert? ›

Sigalert's top competitors include GoodVision, Derq, and Applied Information. GoodVision specializes in traffic data analytics and urban planning solutions. The company offers products such as goodvision video insights and goodvision live traffic…

What does Sigalert stand for? ›

The official definition of a Sigalert is "any unplanned event that causes the closing of one lane of traffic for 30 minutes or more." Q. What is the origin of the term Sigalert? A. Sigalerts are named after an early radio engineer in Los Angeles, Loyd Sigmon.

Is there a Sigalert app? ›

The Sigalert Android app is simple to use, but packed with information: *** MORE THAN JUST RED/YELLOW/GREEN -- Sigalert offers incredibly detailed speed information.

What radio station is the traffic news on in Los Angeles? ›

KNX-AM-FM broadcast "traffic and weather together" every ten minutes on the fives with traffic reports on the freeways and toll roads in the Greater Los Angeles area and weather forecasts for Southern California, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What is the best navigation app for avoiding traffic? ›

  • Google Maps.
  • Waze.
  • MapQuest.
  • Maps.Me.
  • Scout GPS.
  • InRoute Route Planner.
  • Apple Maps.
  • MapFactor Navigator.

How long do SIG alerts last? ›

CalTrans also uses the term "Sig-Alert", and it has now come to be commonly defined as any traffic incident that will tie up two or more lanes of a freeway for two or more hours.

What is a chp SigAlert? ›

Sigalert - a warning broadcast by radio stations telling of unusual or hazardous traffic conditions.

What does SigAlert stand for on Reddit? ›

Whenever a freeway is closed due to a crash – that's a SigAlert. While many Californians might assume “Sig” is short for “Signal,” it's not. “Sig” was a person. Loyd “Sig” Sigmon was the chief engineer for radio station KMPC in Los Angeles.

What is the app for traffic prediction? ›

Google Maps is one of the most prominent traffic navigation apps. It's evolved over the years from a basic turn-by-turn service to warning of traffic events and predicting the time you should leave to arrive at that meeting on your Google Calendar. Google Maps isn't limited to cars and trucks.

What app shows live traffic? ›

Waze is a community driven navigation app that helps millions of users get to where they're going through real-time road alerts and an up-to-the-moment map.

What is the conservative radio station in Los Angeles? ›

KEIB (1150 AM) is a commercial radio station in Los Angeles, California. Owned by iHeartMedia, the station brands itself as The Patriot, and broadcasts a conservative talk radio format.

What is Los Angeles main news station? ›

KTLA. Los Angeles News, Weather and Live Video from Southern California.

What radio station is 94.7 in California? ›

94.7 The Wave

What FM radio stations have news in Los Angeles? ›

KNX News 97.1 FM - Los Angeles News & Talk Station - KNX-AM.

What station is KCRW Los Angeles? ›

KCRW 89.9FM. Music, NPR News, Culture Los Angeles.

Where can I listen to KNX 1070? ›

What is the emergency radio station in Los Angeles? ›

Local Primary 1: KFI (640 AM), KNX (1070 AM), and KBIG (104.3 FM)

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