Free Printable Family Recipe Card {Editable PDF} — Krafty Planner (2024)


Written By Maria Bonacci

Free Printable Family Recipe Card {Editable PDF} — Krafty Planner (1)

Originally posted October 14, 2020

Hi My Krafty Planner Pals! Today I have the prettiest Editable Recipe Card Printable for you and a great tip for working with PDFs.

I recently decided to create a family recipe book scrapbook and wanted a pretty 6x8 recipe card to fit in the page protector. I got right to work designing this little cutie right here.

I liked it so much I had to make a 4x6 one to use in my recipe box. Then my grandma saw and asked if I could make her a 3x5 version.

And, because there’s never enough room to write all the directions, I added a second page that you can print on the back for more space.

Free Printable Family Recipe Card {Editable PDF} — Krafty Planner (2)

Before we get to the printable I wanted to fill you in on a little PDF tip I just learned.

Let’s use this editable recipe card download as an example.

You download the file and want to start typing up your favorite recipes but the file only has one card and you have dozens of recipes.

What would you do?

One option is to make multiple copies of the file and save them in one folder.

Another option is to duplicate the recipe card as many times as you need in the original file. All duplicated pages will be editable so you can type up everything in one file and print them out all at once.

Did you know you could do this?

I just learned this about a week ago and can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before.

Here’s what you do…

  • Open the PDF with the thumbnails on the side of the document

  • Click the page you want to duplicate and hold the mouse button

  • Hold down the Control key (or the Option/Alt key on a Mac) and drag the page to the blue line below (see the image below)

  • The page is automatically duplicated. YAY!! Plus, if the original is an editable PDF, the duplicated page will be too!

Free Printable Family Recipe Card {Editable PDF} — Krafty Planner (3)

Any computer will work but I did this on a Mac, without any special software.

I opened the PDF, clicked View/Thumbnails, and followed the steps above. However, there was no blue line so I just dragged the page to the empty space after the original and it duplicated automatically.

You can also move a page this way without holding the control key which I didn’t know either! It’s so exciting to learn a new way of using something, isn’t it?

Now, let’s get to the printable, shall we?

All free printables can be found in the Tribe Resource Library. You can subscribe in the sidebar if you want in on weekly news, special discounts, and access to the Tribe Resources.


Free Printable Family Recipe Card {Editable PDF} — Krafty Planner (4)


3 x 5 | 4 x 6 | 5 x 8 | 6 x 8


Do you have a planner or printable request? I’d love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!



If you’re going to be printing in color, I really recommend investing in an HP Instant Ink compatible printer. The quality of the finished product is amazing! If you don’t need a color printer, I highly recommend a laser printer like the Brother L23 Series. You will save hundreds on ink. You can also get a color laser printer which I would LOVE to have!


For everyday printables, planners, and coloring pages for the kiddos I normally use Hammermill Printer Paper, 20 Lb. I love that you can get a small box of 3 reams instead of having to buy one at a time or a whole case of 10.

If I want something a little nicer, I use this laser paper which is incredibly smooth and has very little to no ghosting on the other side. This is perfect if you like to use pens/markers that are prone to bleeding through to the other side.

For printing on A5 paper, I use this Blank 6-Hole Punched A5 Paper. You can also get it without the holes but it’s $6-7 more. Which I think is odd because it’s usually the other way around and you have to pay more for the hole punching.

If you're printing a binder cover that you to be fade-resistant and last a long time, the best paper I would recommend using Epson Presentation paper. It's heavy like cardstock (48 lb), is great when laminated, and is made to last for decades.


  • Printing on Half-Size Paper

  • The Best Paper for Printables


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Free Printable Family Recipe Card {Editable PDF} — Krafty Planner (5)

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Free Printable Family Recipe Card {Editable PDF} — Krafty Planner (36)


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Free Printable Family Recipe Card {Editable PDF} — Krafty Planner (48)

Menu PlanningRecipe Cards

Maria Bonacci

Free Printable Family Recipe Card {Editable PDF} — Krafty Planner (2024)


Is there a recipe card template in Word? ›

Microsoft Word has various recipe card templates you can use. Once you've found the template you'd like to use and have customized it, you can easily convert your Word document template to a PDF file using Acrobat online services. Creating a PDF template will make it easier to share, edit, and print your template.

How do you make a recipe card on Google Docs? ›

Once you have logged in, head to the top right section and click the Template gallery. That automatically lets you choose a bunch of templates that Google has to offer. You can even transform any template into a recipe card template, tri-fold brochure template, recipe pamphlet, or any related cookbook template.

How to make a custom recipe card? ›

To make a recipe card, follow these key steps:
  1. Write the recipe's name.
  2. List the required ingredients with exact measurements.
  3. Clearly identify instructions for preparation and serving size.
  4. Include an image of the product.
Nov 9, 2023

Is there an app to make recipe cards? ›

Recipe Card 4+

Recipe Storage: Easily store and manage your recipes in both text and photo formats. Capture your culinary creations with photos or type in the details of your recipes, including ingredients, measurements, and cooking instructions.

Can you print recipe cards in a printer? ›

To make a recipe card you will need printable cards, editing software, and a printer if you're going to print them yourself.

Does Google Docs have a recipe template? ›

A Google Docs Recipe Template simplifies your recipes, offering a clean and organized layout for easy reference.

How to print a recipe online? ›

Go to a recipe's details page by visiting the Online Cookbook or your Delivery History on a computer. Click on 'Click For Recipe Card. ' On your keyboard, hit 'Command + P' on a Mac, or 'Control + P' on a Windows PC.

How to create a recipe book for free? ›

Creating a DIY cookbook doesn't have to require expensive design software. There are many templates that allow you to design recipe cards or a simple DIY recipe layout using free tools like Canva, MS Word, or even Google Docs. You can always make the photographs yourself and use daily life images you already own.

What is the best recipe format? ›

1. Standard format. This recipe format is the simplest to understand and uses the least amount of room. It includes an ingredient list followed by a step-by-step process to make the recipe.

Is there a template for flashcards? ›

With Canva, you can create unique flashcards in a few clicks. We have a wide collection of educational flashcard templates that you can personalize to suit a specific learning goal. These designs are free to edit, save, and print so you can power up someone's learning journey.

What is the best program to create a recipe book? ›

Adobe Acrobat online services allow you to add notes, highlight, and add other annotations to help you create the recipe book of your dreams.

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