Family reveal cause of death for PGA Tour golfer (2024)

Grayson Murray after winning the Sony Open in January. Photo /Getty Images

WARNING: This story deals with suicide. Please see below for help and crisis information.

  • Parents of Grayson Murray have released a statement: ‘We know he rests peacefully now.’
  • Players wearing red and black ribbons at latest event

The parents of two-time PGA Tour winner Grayson Murray who died yesterday, a day after he withdrew from the Charles Schwab Cup Challenge at Colonial, have confirmed he took his own life.

“We have spent the last 24 hours trying to come to terms with the fact that our son is gone,” Eric and Terry Murray said in a statement. “It’s surreal that we not only have to admit it to ourselves, but that we also have to acknowledge it to the world. It’s a nightmare.

“... Life wasn’t always easy for Grayson, and although he took his own life, we know he rests peacefully now.”

“We have so many questions that have no answers. But one. Was Grayson loved? The answer is yes,” his parents said in their statement. “By us, his brother Cameron, his sister Erica, all of his extended family, by his friends, by his fellow players and - it seems - by many of you who are reading this. He was loved and he will be missed.

“We would like to thank the PGA Tour and the entire world of golf for the outpouring of support. Please respect our privacy as we work through this incredible tragedy, and please honour Grayson by being kind to one another. If that becomes his legacy, we could ask for nothing else.”

Murray’s management company, GSE Worldwide, confirmed the death and said it was heartbroken.

“We will hold off on commenting until we learn further details, but our heart aches for his family, his friends and all who loved him during this very difficult time,” GSE said in a statement.

PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan said he spoke with Murray’s parents to offer condolences, and they asked that the tournament in Fort Worth, Texas, continue.

Players were wearing red and black ribbons in the final round to honour Murray.

Monahan said grief counsellors would be on site at the PGA Tour and Korn Ferry Tour event in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Players are wearing red and black ribbons on Sunday at the @CSChallengeFW to honor Grayson Murray.

Murray wore the colors of his hometown Carolina Hurricanes, when competing on Sundays.

His family requested that ribbons with the same colors be worn Sunday. ❤️🖤

— PGA TOUR (@PGATOUR) May 26, 2024

“To see the devastation on the faces of every player coming in is really difficult to see and really just profound,” Monahan said. “Grayson was a remarkable player, but he was a very courageous man. I’ve always loved that about him.”

Murray, who had dealt with alcohol and mental health issues in the past, made a massive turnaround this year and won the Sony Open, hitting wedge to 3 feet for birdie on the final hole to get into a playoff and winning it with a 40-foot putt.

He also won the Barbasol Championship in 2017.

“It was a huge shock. My heart sank,” said Webb Simpson, who learned of Murray’s death shortly before teeing off at Colonial. He said Murray was the first winner of his junior tournament and they shared the same swing coach as juniors.

“I just hate it so much,” Simpson said. “I’m going to miss him. I’m thankful he was in the place with his faith before this morning happened.”

Murray was No. 58 in the world rankings coming off a tie for 43rd in the PGA Championship last week at Valhalla. He also made the cut in his Masters debut, finishing 51st, and was in the field for the US Open next month at Pinehurst No. 2.

Murray, who grew up in North Carolina, was among the most talented juniors in the country. He won the prestigious Junior World Championship in San Diego three straight years and earned the Arnold Palmer Scholarship at Wake Forest.

He wound up going to three colleges, lastly at Arizona State, and won as a 22-year-old PGA Tour rookie at the Barbasol Championship.

Murray said in January that he had been sober for eight months, was engaged to be married, had become a Christian and felt his best golf was ahead of him. He was appointed to the 16-member Player Advisory Council.

“My story is not finished. I think it’s just beginning,” Murray said in Hawaii. “I hope I can inspire a lot of people going forward that have their own issues.”

Murray said he used to drink during tournament weeks as a rookie because he knew he had talent and felt he was invincible. He also brought attention to himself through social media, openly criticising other players and getting into one social media spat with Kevin Na over Na’s reputation as a slow player.

But he felt like he turned the corner when he sought help — letting others fight for him, is how he explained it this year.

“It took me a long time to get to this point,” Murray said in January. “That was seven years ago, over seven years ago. I’m a different man now. I would not be in this position right now today if I didn’t put that drink down eight months ago.”

Peter Malnati played with Murray at Colonial. He offered to go on the CBS telecast Saturday afternoon and immediately broke down trying to talk about him.

“It’s a huge loss for all of us on the PGA Tour,” Malnati said. “As much as we want to beat each other, we’re one big family, and we lost one today. It’s terrible.”

Family reveal cause of death for PGA Tour golfer (2024)


Family reveal cause of death for PGA Tour golfer? ›

The parents of professional golfer Grayson Murray on Sunday said the two-time PGA Tour winner died by suicide Saturday morning.

What was the cause of Greyson Murray's death? ›

The parents of professional golfer Grayson Murray on Sunday revealed that the two-time PGA Tour winner died by suicide on Saturday morning. "We have spent the last 24 hours trying to come to terms with the fact that our son is gone," Eric and Terry Murray said in a statement.

Where is Grayson Murray from? ›

Murray's family confirmed on Sunday that the 30-year-old died by suicide. RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- The Triangle is mourning the loss of local PGA Tour professional and Raleigh native Grayson Murray, who died suddenly after withdrawing from a tournament in Texas on Friday.

What happened to Hayden Springer's daughter? ›

On November 13, 2023 — just days before the start of Q-School — Sage Springer died from the complications of Trisomy 18. She was three years old. It felt impossible to return to golf in the days following Sage's passing, but Hayden didn't have much choice.

Was Grayson Murray married? ›

He said he had become a Christian and was engaged to Christiana Ritchie. He said in January the wedding had been planned for late April. “My story is not finished. I think it's just beginning,” Murray said in Hawaii.

What golfer passed away recently? ›

Professional golfer Grayson Murray died by suicide this weekend following his second-round withdrawal in the Charles Schwab Challenge. Following the announcement of his death, there was immediate reaction from PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan and other competitors Saturday at Colonial Country Club and beyond.

Why did Grayson Murray withdraw? ›

He shot 68 in the opening round at Colonial. The next round, he was 5 over and coming off three straight bogeys when he withdrew citing an illness. PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan said he spoke with Murray's parents about halting play at Colonial and they insisted the golf tournament continue.

What was the cause of death for PGA golfer Grayson Murray? ›

The parents of professional golfer Grayson Murray on Sunday said the two-time PGA Tour winner died by suicide Saturday morning.

What religion was Grayson Murray? ›

He was a Christian. In October 2022, Murray was severely injured in a scooter crash in Bermuda before the Butterfield Bermuda Championship, leading him to withdraw from the event. Murray died on May 25, 2024, at the age of 30. He had withdrawn from the Charles Schwab Challenge the day before, citing an illness.

Why did Hayden lose her daughter? ›

In a July interview with People, the “Heroes” alum detailed her harrowing journey with addiction and postpartum depression. She said she ultimately decided to let Kaya go because she “wanted to be a good mom to her.” Panettiere has since been to rehab and entered a period of sobriety.

Why does Hayden not have custody? ›

The Nashville star opened up about her addiction to opioids, and the impact it and postpartum depression had on her ability to parent her daughter, while speaking to People. “I never had the feeling that I wanted to harm my child, but I didn't want to spend any time with her,” she said.

Why does Hayden's daughter live with dad? ›

Hayden Panettiere told People she was introduced to opioids and alcohol as a teenager. Her addiction led her to send her daughter, Kaya, to live with her father in Ukraine, she said.

How did Murray meet his wife? ›

Kim, for her part, grew up in the tennis scene not as a player but as the daughter of former player and British coach Nigel Sears. Kim reportedly met Murray during the 2005 US Open and the duo began dating in secret.

Where did Grayson Murray live? ›

Murray, who was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, attended Wake Forest, East Carolina and Arizona State where he played golf before turning pro. He was a member of Dye Preserve Golf Club in Jupiter. He was one of eight members of the club who played May 16-19 in the PGA Championship in Louisville, Kentucky.

Where is Scottie Scheffler family from? ›

His mother, Diane, grew up in Park Ridge. Scheffler was the only boy among four children. His sisters are named Callie, Molly and Sara. The family lived in Montvale, New Jersey, until Scheffler was aged six, when they moved to Dallas, Texas, in the wake of the September 11 attacks.

What putter does Grayson Murray use? ›

Putter: TaylorMade Spider Tour (Chalk) Buy here. Ball: Titleist Pro V1 Buy here.

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