Can I Shave In Between My Laser Hair Removal Sessions? (2024)

During laser treatment | 15 November 2019

Yes, you can shave in between each laser hair removal treatment.

During your course of treatment, you can shave any unwanted hair that may regrow. After your first laser hair removal session you will notice that you won’t need to shave as much as before. After 2-3 sessions you may only need to shave once in a 4-6 week period. It is important not to over-shave the area after laser treatment as this causes a risk of irritation or even ingrown hairs.

Before your first laser hair removal session

If you have been plucking, waxing, or epilating it is important that you stop completely at least 4 weeks before your very first laser hair removal treatment. This will allow your hair time to regrow as part of the hair growth cycle so that the laser treatment will work. If this hair is completely removed from the hair follicle the laser will have nothing to target. Your treatment won’t work at all. So for the best results, it’s important to allow hair regrowth so that your follicles are full of hair.

It’s important to note that shaving or hair removal cream are the only methods of hair removal that you should be using in between your sessions of laser. Your treatment area must be cleanly shaved 24 hours before your laser session. If using hair depilatory creams, this must be used a full 48hours before your laser session is due.

Can I Shave In Between My Laser Hair Removal Sessions? (1)

You can shave or use hair removal cream inbetween your laser hair removal sessions

After your first laser session

After your first session of laser your hair will continue to appear like it is growing as normal. Don’t worry, this is not the case. These treated hairs can take anywhere from 7-14 days to completely shed or fall out of the skin. During this time you can continue to shave as normal. Alternatively, you can exfoliate every couple of days so that these hairs fall out by themselves.

After these hairs have shed you will experience a couple of weeks where you will be completely hair free. As the next session of your laser hair treatments is approaching i.e. 4-6 weeks later, you will start to begin to experience some hair regrowth. Again, it’s totally fine to shave this if you need to shave in between your sessions of laser hair removal.

Over time laser treatments eliminate the need to shave regularly. We would recommend not over-shaving the area as this is not necessary. If you begin to see light regrowth after your full course of treatment we would recommend doing a top-up treatment 1-3 times a year in order to maintain your results and prevent future hair growth.

If you feel like you are constantly shaving your troublesome body hair areas and your skin is left irritated because of this, laser may be the solution you’re looking for. You will see real results after a few sessions and your skin will begin to see the benefits of this advanced cosmetic procedure. If you would like more information on laser hair removal in Dublin or Drogheda, and would like to speak to one of our consultants, contact us here to find out more.

Can I Shave In Between My Laser Hair Removal Sessions? (2024)
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